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More and more environmental activists killed, report shows

Defending the environment is dangerous. A report by NGO Global Witness released Monday, July 30, showed a devastating number: 164 environmentalists killed in 2018 worldwide.

The Philippines is considered the deadliest country for the defenders of the earth: 30 of the 164 persons killed happened in the country.

Global Witness said 30 of the 164 environmental and land-related killings worldwide in 2918 occurred in the Philippines. In 2017, the country was second to Brazil for the most number of deaths.

The annual report was based on murders and “enforced disappearances” of environmental activists worldwide. 

Lea Guerrero, country director of Greenpeace Southeast Asia – Philippines, said: “It is horrifying that those who peacefully defend land and the environment are the ones who are being killed and persecuted so that environmental exploitation can continue for the profit of a few.”

“The most disadvantaged Filipinos are already at the forefront of impacts from the climate emergency; protecting nature and the environment is vital for our survival.”

“Greenpeace is extremely alarmed that instead of protecting these brave Filipinos and communities, the attacks on them persist,” she said.

“The government must not allow the corruption at the root of these killings to continue,” she stressed.

Greenpeace, she said, is urging the government “to protect and support our environmental defenders, and to ensure that justice is served.” (amm)

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