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Kabasalan mayoralty candidate offers HOPE

Kabasalan, Zamboanga Sibugay’s mayoralty candidate Katrina Cainglet had taken both the upland and lowland barangays by “storm” as she spread the message of hope.

The lady mayoralty candidate, the niece of the late town Mayor George Cainglet who died last year, in a statement said “the people of Kabasalan are yearning for a youthful mayor who can be a mother to all, especially those less fortunate in life.”

In her campaign sorties, she said, “I came to realize how big is the need for change for the good of Kabasalan.”

“I want to bring the message of HOPE,” she said. HOPE stands for her platform of government: Health, Opportunities, Peace and Security, and Employment.

The local government must be always in the forefront in creating opportunities so that the people will live in prosperity, peace, and security.

“Dili na nato hulaton na sila mangayo ug tabang , kita na ang mu hatag ug tabang para kanila.Kay kita, gimugna sa Ginoo aron magtinabangay,” the lady mayoralty candidate said.

The real issue for her is “how efficient was the local government in the delivery of the basic social services to the people.”

“Serving all Kabasalenyos regardless of status in life, race, or color is the mark of a true Cainglet,” she intoned.

As a Cainglet, she said, “I am offering myself in the service of the people.” (Press Release)

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